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Ubisoft Think Wii U Will Be Excellent For Casual Games, Will Be A Big Success

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Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has been impressed by the Wii U and has seen big chances for the console. In a recent article he says that he believes that the console will do great in the casual market. Although it’s good to have the best of both worlds lets hope that Ubisoft doesn’t focus making casual games other then more hardcore ones.

“We are big believers in the Wii U, on two subjects. One is for high-end games, where we’ll be able to do a game for the Wii U, but also for other [high-definition] machines, but also with specific use of [Wii U’s] tablet. Two, is we like the Wii U for all the [potential of] casual games.”

“Today, the Wii still is 45 percent of our business. Just Dance, all those casual games, are selling extremely well. So we are supporting the machine because we believe Nintendo is going to push it to another level. We think [Wii U] will be successful.”

“Now to [what audience] will it be addressed? We don’t exactly know yet,” he conceded. “But the potential of the machine, and the tablet [controller], I think is a good way to improve the potential gameplay. What we see is the ease of play is a part of the revolution we are seeing today. The fact that it’s easier to access games is what can make more people play. Maybe they can do a good job there.”


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November 13, 2011 at 8:54 am

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